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November 9, 2021

Decided to try to capture as much of the weekend’s festivities as I could with the trusty mobile. Glad I actually finally figured out which way to hold it so it doesn’t looked all squashed up, not to mention easier in the edit suite to work with. One of these day’s I’ll just use a Go-Pro or something like that to record rather than feel as though I’m stopping and starting (well not exactly stopping, most of the time during the 10km I am on the move at a reasonable clip) and costing me a little time which for other events will become more important.

After the run I did manage to find time to get into the pool at the apartment block for a half hour wade which actually felt good once the body was used to the cold temperature. Felt a little sorer on the Monday but I should be right to do a little more training on Tuesday. I have only a few weeks to work out a strategy in how to get where I want for the Gold Coast 50, be it chasing a time or just completing the second lap which last year I couldn’t manage. Once again the camera will be out for that one, although it may be just pre and post race only. I certainly won’t have done the kilometres I’d have hoped for but at least this year I’ve managed to get out on the roads for a few kilometres here and there, and if I can manage a similar time for the first 10km in this one, then perhaps I’ll be in for a decent day, well that and staying upright.

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