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July 4, 2015

As I type this I am commuting from Brisbane to the Gold Coast area via the train, so I guess it makes a little sense to kill time by contributing something that I should have done more often. Apologies to the regular readers for the lack of activity, but hopefully the next couple of days will make up for it a little.

It’s the day before the second marathon for me this year, with memories of Canberra largely forgotten apart from possibly the lessons regarding pit stops. Those won’t be put into practice until tomorrow morning, which at this stage shapes to be a fine morning with ideal conditions. Heck I’ve been excited since the last substantial training run which was a couple of weeks ago. It’s incredible what a positive training experience can do for the mind, particularly after I felt I ran poorly albeit quicker than 2014 at the City2South some 3 weeks ago. Sure I would have liked to have another light training run but at this stage I’m satisfied with the physical conditioning, particularly in light of the hamstring troubles I’ve had a couple of months ago.

The race plan has been in motion almost since the entry was lodged but confirmed after the recovery from the hamstring issue finished. Pace runners often sacrifice their own run to help others, and it is on their expertise that I’ll rely upon once again. Basically I’ll be searching for the 4 hour pace runners in the start zone, and the plan is to stick to their pace for most of the journey before perhaps a little spurt at the end should the legs be in decent shape so I can improve upon last year (just outside the 4 hour mark).

Fortunately I’ve managed to purchase most of what I feel I need to buy prior to taking to the start line yesterday. As seems to be the case for the last few big runs I’ve purchased a fresh pair of socks, although I’m not sure if they will cause blistering like Canberra, when I probably should have checked if I put the socks on properly when I tied the laces. A new pair of sunglasses was also on the shopping list, given that the sun and breeze on this course has more of an effect than Canberra. In order to combat nipple rash, fresh band aids have been acquired so hopefully I won’t need to look down and try not to puke at the sight of dried blood where the nipples rub against the shirt. With the zinc cream still in plentiful supply the only items left on my list are fluids (which I’ll get before I crash tonight or on the way to the start line tomorrow) and a new visor which I’ll pick up at my next stop. the expo where the bib also needs to be collected.

As I’ve joked to work colleagues in the last couple of days, I’ve reminded everyone who is watching the webcast of the run tomorrow ( that looking for me won’t be that easy. Don’t be fooled by the darker skinned people at the front of the field where the focus will lie. I’m not a Kenyan or Ethiopian, and being that far forward would either mean I’ve cheated or the run was changed to a handicap at short notice. If I make an appearance on the media outlets, I’ll certainly let you all know.


For those on the Coast who are also running tomorrow, I guess I’ll see you on the start line.

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