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April 21, 2016

I promise to write a review of the Canberra Ultra Marathon experience in the coming days (it’s not all positive, stay tuned), but first here’s something I don’t normally do but I figure this year it’s something I should try to support.

Too many of my mates have either had personal problems or even are no longer with us because of the signs of depression taking too much of a hold over their psyche. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s sometimes a sad reality of life that I hate confronting. But these days there are many people and organisations who are at least trying to help each other out by giving a shoulder to cry on, a ear to listen to or a person to converse with to share their problems.

In Australia Beyondblue is the highest profile of these organisations, and many have chosen to raise money doing various activities. One such event is this year’s City2Surf in Sydney. Normally I just do the event taking it seriously enough as a training event for future marathons. This year however I’m going to try to raise a few funds to do my bit to help others. Whilst there is a goal of $750 on the fundraising page stated, to me there is no upper or lower limit to how much I’d like to raise.

Any monetary donations are accepted from now right up until race day on August 14, and even a few weeks beyond that event.

The page to raise money and to find out more is


To find out more information about Beyondblue or if you are struggling to cope with what life is throwing up at you, then visit

The City2Surf is on in Sydney on August 14, and stay tuned to this blog closer to the date as the big day in the Harbour City gets closer.

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