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June 3, 2017

The following is a series of videos that I took on the Comrades International Tour held on Friday 2 June 2017. Some of it is educational, some of it is emotional, some of it is the usual waffling that I go on with when I start rolling cameras, phones or in this case, the tablet. Therefore I apologise in advance if some of the quality is lacking in terms of video quality, shoddy camerawork or sound issues.




Obviously had a really good lunch, because I had no idea I was going sideways Mr Squggle style (Hence the narrow nature of the vision)! The restaurant/cafe/bar that is located here is in a great location with nice food, if I wasn’t so keen on getting to the finish the Roast Beef meal on Sunday for R190 sounds divine!





A money can’t buy experience to see these kids, all of whom have some form of disability, sing and dance and smile their way through a performance that would put professionals to shame. I was happy enough to donate R200 to the cause, as its donations that are the sole reason why the school stays operational. Many of the kids in the videos will be outside the school on Sunday to provide a little inspiration for the long stretch towards the last climb at Polly Shortts.

If you wish to donate money to give these kids hope for the future, click on where any amount I’m sure is appreciated.



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