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December 3, 2017

So the Point to Pinnacle is done and dusted for another year and the commitments for 2017 have been completed. The run itself saw me apologising to many of the walkers for bringing Queensland’s early summer weather to Hobart when usually layers of clothing battle to keep you warm. Everything was going to plan until the last 5 kilometres which were basically too steep for me to go at anything quicker than a walking pace, particularly when you’ve had a lack of training in the month between Melbourne and Hobart. Still managed to clock in just under 3 hours, which means I’ll have to come back next year to try to get a decent time on the back of a decent preparation. At least the view from the top was superb this year compared to last year when it was too cold to get further than the turn onto the climb itself!

Originally the plan was to record and post a few videos of the day on this site for all to see. Unfortunately the quality of the video and the shots that I got were about as useful as putting sugar in a risotto, so they may wait for another day (a blooper reel maybe). I was even tossing up whether to do the race with the tablet in hand to record the actual run, but until I get a go-pro or some other camera mounted on the head that idea will have to wait for another day.

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December is always a time to concentrate on work and getting parcels away to the capital cities and smaller centres to try to make people happy when Mr Claus comes along to dispense his brand of cheerfulness. Usually this month is always a case of allowing the legs to somewhat recover in order to be ready for the punishment of a January in this part of the world usually characterised by heat, humidity and harder work that needs to be done.

The haul for this year, by no means a bad year in terms of finishes, but much to improve on in terms of time and getting the big result I’m looking for.

This year appears to be different due to the injury that basically ruined the preparation for the Melbourne Marathon. Whilst it is true that specific training for Comrades, and for that matter the earlier lead in events in Australia, will begin seriously on January 1 much like last year, this month won’t be a total rest period. The aim is not to run any special time unless I feel as though I can go fast without feeling sore or tired, or if I’m basically running some lap sprints around an oval. The aim is to keep the weight in check to an extent as well, although I just need to be careful about food and fluid intake which would be more useful.

Distances will vary from time to time and will be subject to physical and mental condition. Being the so called off season it’s not 100% necessary to push the envelope or to follow some sort of structured program. If I can clock up a 1 hour continuous run then I’ll be more than content with that. If it means I have to split up a 6km day into 3 bursts of 2 kilometres then naturally I will see no problem with it. The only commitments that I will make to myself during December is if I elect to go out for a conditioning run I will not be going through the motions for 10 minutes before returning, and that if I feel as though I can get through a section I won’t be stopping until I get through that section.


The next blog post will also signal my plan for January leading into Comrades and also Wangaratta where for some reason I am still tossing up whether to run either the half or full marathon. No doubt the plan won’t be strictly adhered to (no plan I do is ever followed 100% to the letter, rigidity in planning is something that in this era probably isn’t the best method), nor should someone see this as a plan given by a specialist, for that is something I certainly will never be (I think I’ll stick to football coaching rather than running coaching). Indeed I may even release some sort of plan for the months following, if I can be bothered trying to make one rather than just “Winging It”, perhaps remind me on Twitter (@MHJeffrey027) or even here to keep me on track.


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