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September 18, 2018

This weekend is the weekend of the Twilight Bay Run, a nice event in itself that for me is merely a long training run in race conditions. Always a different event with the afternoon start time being unusual for an Australian road event, the aim is more time on the feet and to clock in around the 2 hour marker. If I can replicate the race plan that I want for Melbourne (56/58 + 6) I’ll feel that at least the training that I’ve done is on track. I won’t be overly disappointed if it doesn’t happen, but that will mean that the next 10 days before easing off will have to be at an increased intensity.

In all honesty I don’t think I’ve covered as many kilometres as I have done in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been mixing up how I’ve been training in some ways, looking for blocs of effort on some days while looking for a comfortable tempo in others. The last fortnight has seen me go past 40km for the week which was substantially more than I’ve managed in past pre-Melbourne campaigns, even managing to complete runs on consecutive days for the first time in a long time. At least the motivation to get out and do the mileage is at a good level.

Frustratingly it’s distance that has thus far eluded me. I managed last week to plough through 16km in about 91 minutes last Wednesday which was actually a good feeling if I had this week’s half marathon in mind, but it left me wanting to get through more. I know I need to find a way to get a couple of runs beyond 20km other than Saturday night in the bank, knowing I can keep going for more than 2 hours continuously will only help realise the game plan for October 14.

Which brings me onto Tuesday morning, the 18th of September 2018. The plan was to keep going for a 2 hour session, throwing in the odd uphill to keep honest. What wasn’t anticipated to start with was an ultra rare rain shower, which made me rethink the choice of footwear. Having purchased and had delivered my race shoes for Melbourne, Auckland and Hobart last week, I was hoping to get a good long session to end the “bedding in” process, but not wanting to expose them in wet conditions I decided to use the pair I had been using for Comrades 2018 amongst others. Things were going smoothly despite the wet weather (rain isn’t an excuse when it comes to training, I embrace running in the wet and could very well happen on race day) even if the pace was a little sluggish compared to what I had wanted.

About 12km in, I made a left hand turn onto a footpath adjoining a busy road close to the CBD. The path had a section that wasn’t entirely level, and I hit that at the so called wrong angle. Before I knew it I was on the deck not quite in agony but I was certainly stunned. I knew I was in shock but also felt that I had lost plenty of skin on my right knee (the one which ISN’T the one being strapped), and I was fortunate that a nearby service station would at least provide me with a chance to clean myself up. I’m not sure how much blood I did lose, but I was fortunate that the main abrasion happened below the kneecap and not on the kneecap itself. It should mean that I’ll be able to bandage it up and continue the training program, with one more run scheduled before Saturday. With the run on Tuesday falling short of what I wanted, I’ll try to get the 20km run in on the Wednesday although keeping Saturday in mind I’ll be satisfied with anything relatively close.

After Saturday, I’ll be looking to recover well on Sunday even if I haven’t decided if it will be a recovery jog or swim at this stage (it may even be both). I’m eyeing off doing a hard day on the Tuesday before a pair of back to back days culminating in my last substantial run on the public holiday Monday where I’m seeking to run at the tempo I want on race day for 2:30. Once I’ve done that I’ll taper off with nothing over 10km until October 14, then recover for a fortnight for Auckland.




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