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November 19, 2018

Something just a little different for the report on this year’s Point to Pinnacle. I wouldn’t consider it all that lazy, after all if I was lazy I’d have nothing planned at all. But I decided to try something a little different, which if conditions were favourable (they weren’t) and if I could remember would have been enhanced by a video whilst on the mountain. Perhaps that’s something to consider for next year.

Anyway, early in the morning I decided to go on one of those long winded rants that went to so many places who knows what I’ve gone ahead and done. The plan was to go through the opening stages of the run in reverse, which as usual became something with a little less direction.


After a tough day on the mountain, I thought it would be a good idea to record something on the way down to try to sum up everything. I tried to do the same thing last year but a combination of feeling a little crook and tired meant that what I had recorded wasn’t all that useful. One day I might even have an idea of how to avoid shoddy phone camerawork!



The schedule for running this year has now been completed, and the plan is to take a little time off running to rest up my legs for the heavy new year’s schedule. That said I’ll probably screw it up, go crazy and start training as though my life depended on it.

Things were going reasonably well at this point! PHOTO CREDIT: RACEATLAS


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