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November 20, 2012

Welcome to my new running blog, one that hopefully keeps you updated on my new little . After years of playing local football and, lets be honest, being disappointed, I’ve decided to concentrate some of my energy on long distance running. The aim of this blog is to keep a track of the runs that I complete both in a semi-competitive sense (winning races is not a priority, merely setting goal times and beating them is enough of a challenge) as well as in training.

If you are here looking for professional advice on how to run effectively or train well for running, then sadly you may be disappointed. That’s not to say that I will not be giving my observations or advice if you feel inclined to think that way, every person is different after all. But with no professional qualifications to draw upon it would be unwise to suggest any advice I give should be taken as gospel.
The main aim changes from year to year, and even in smaller time frames. For 2013 the major aim is to complete Sydney’s famous City 2 Surf run for the first time. With a number of events I’m planning to run in as lead up events, hopefully we can all share the journey as one, and perhaps even inspire you to take up some form of running or fitness based activity.
Stay tuned throughout this year and in the future as I share with you my experiences



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