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December 2, 2012

Pleased to confirm that I am officially entered into the inaugural running of the Westac City2South in Brisbane to be held on June 16 in 2013. This event is a sister event to the major personal aim for 2013, the City2Surf in Sydney in August, so in some ways this could be the best training for that event I could undertake, in other ways it could be a challenge in its own right.

Rather than start to look for an overall time at this stage (given that this is only the 2nd time I’ll be planning to run this distance), my aim would simply be to finish. To that end, I’ve placed myself in the BLUE group for runners and joggers, rather than clog up space for the more serious runners. It’s important to have some idea of your limitations when entering organised events with start zones, it’s certainly better for the confidence to set some sort of goal time, then start in the group BEHIND.

Such events always do a great job for charities, and like the events that I was involved in for 2012 this is no exception. For this event I am aiming to raise at least $200 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which aims to improve the literacy of my indigenous brothers and sisters particularly in remote areas, who are neglected no matter whom the Government is (or how they are pretending to try, but enough of the political garbage).

To donate to the cause, please visit:

For further information regarding the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, visit:

There’s plenty of time to enter the event itself, but for convenience it would be wise to register before December 20 so that the race pack is mailed to you in 2013. Talking from experience it can be a challenge finding the time to travel to a pick up point or expo just to collect a pack before race start particularly when there’s no option for race day registration or collection (which to be fair is near impossible to co-ordinate for mass events such as this).

To enter and run alongside me, VISIT:


Specific training for this event will personally begin much closer to the event, but before Christmas I’ll be undertaking general training just to maintain condition, plus I’ll be doing a few pre-season sessions with my local footy (AFL) club Brothers in Rockhampton when work allows.



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