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January 8, 2013

Welcome to 2013, a year which some nut jobs (I’m calling you out Mayans!) believed would not exist. I’m sure some of you readers out there would have resolved to get fitter this year, much like every other year in which your resolution didn’t involve tobacco or alcohol products. Personally I don’t make such resolutions, instead the main aim for me is to gradually return to a training regime that will allow me to fulfil the schedule that I am going to undertake (found on this blog under the PLANNED EVENTS Tab).

To that end I have entered into the Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run on May 5. It was originally going to be held on April 28th, however the Gold Coast Titans had booked the Robina Stadium in which this event is being based for their home game (where as many spectators will attend that game as there would be runners in this event) forcing a postponement of seven days. It would work better for me with my football (Australian Rules) commitments for no game is scheduled that weekend. This is just the second year this event is taking place, with the event looking for more than the 3000 inaugural entrants.

For those considering entering, there are a number of events that will challenge anyone, so there’s no excuse not to get involved. I have entered the 10km event for a couple of reasons. Being the first attempt over the distance in a semi competitive event, I see this as a challenge to build upon the couple of events I participated in last year. Plus with a trio of 14km events to follow this event, including the Brisbane event I entered last year, I see this as a perfect training exercise to prepare. After all, running 10km training sets like I did a couple of times to conclude 2012 is nothing compared to doing it in a race type situation. As for a goal time, it would be good to finish between 55 and 60 minutes, but given this will be treated like a training event I won’t be too disappointed to stretch beyond an hour. For the record I was completing 10km training circuits last year in just over 55 minutes.

For those that aren’t so keen on completing a full 10km, there are events for the adults over 5 and 2.5 km and the kids can also get involved with a 1km event early in the morning. Having started doing fun runs at a 5km distance last year, I can assure you this is a great way to get started, as most can finish at their own pace usually under 40 minutes. It’s also an easy event to get to, given most of the capitals fly direct to the Gold Coast, and there are plenty of places to camp (one of which I will obviously look to book in the coming months, having already secured flights to Brisbane and using the connecting train on the Saturday before the event to the Gold Coast).

It is worth noting that this event is NOT the Gold Coast Marathon which is held in July. This event at this stage is NOT on my schedule for 2013 due to work commitments, but at the very least the half-marathon would be an ideal and realistic goal for 2014. Entries for that by the way open in March…

If you want to enter this event (which costs $37 for the 10km), visit



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