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November 26, 2019

Disappointed that for the 2nd time in 4 years the pinnacle was unable to be conquered, again thanks to icy conditions at the top (in particular the last 4km). Still the race was run and unlike the 2016 event which pretty much divided Hobart, the course was diverted to Longley Pub, which was a few km beyond the finish line for the Point to Pub race. Sure there were plenty who had some difficulty training who were delighted in many ways not to have to climb all the way, but like myself I’m sure the feeling was flat.

Despite this I was still able to record much of the action on the old phone (maybe I’ll remember next time to turn my phone horizontal to make the full picture much better than it is. I also apologise for the camera being less stable than it should but this is a runners eye view without the professional GoPro gizmos. Further I apologise for blabbering on so much but I feel as though my spontaneous commentary was worth including over another boring 36 minute music video. Yes I couldn’t edit this any further, and the editing process was as long as I had ever done so hopefully the final product does race day justice.

Will I be back in harness next year or in the future? Probably once more to say I’ve been to the pinnacle 5 times. Will I commit to this race next year? I’m not 100% sure, it depends on what I schedule in the months before and if I feel as though my legs can physically stand running by November. For now the focus turns to Singapore, and more on that will be posted over the coming days.

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