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November 30, 2019

I must be thinking it’s fun to make vlogs because I’ve decided to make another, this time prior to the Singapore Marathon. After some of the sights of the city/country has in many ways intimidated me, later this evening it’s down to a little business taking in parts of the Grand Prix track and passing by and through some of the sights. I’ll give a travel guide after the race has been completed. For now here’s just a sample of what actually should go in a race pack, something Australian events have obviously forgotten over the years.



The race itself begins at 9PM on the East Coast of Australia, or 8PM in Queensland given that Singaporean time is identical to what Western Australian standard time is. Personally the first aim apart from enjoyment, is to finish the race in plenty of time to make one of the last MRT services to Aljuneid so I can save some money. If I finish late there’s a chance I’ll need to make my own arrangements, which I’d prefer to avoid given I’ll need to do so for the early morning departure following the race.

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